See your power & stop paying too much for your power bills.

Track your energy usage with Powerpal & save on your bills like many other Australians!

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Take Control of Your Power Bills With Ease

Free 10 Minute Installation

We'll come out to you and install Powerpal to your electicity meter in just 10 minutes.

Avoid Surprise Bills

Set your budget on our app, and it will tell you how you're tracking in real-time!

Government Backed

Discreet Design

Powerpal is palm sized & easily integrates with most energy meters.

How Does It Work?

Powerpal connects your electricity meter to your smartphone and tracks, in real-time, exactly how much energy is being used per appliance. Now you can identify which appliances are costing you a fortune, so you can fix or upgrade them to save in the long run.

Discover New Ways To Save

Ever wondered whether it's worth installing solar? Insulating your roof? Upgrading that old beer fridge? Powerpal will let you know!

It learns how your home uses energy and provides personalised guidance based to help you make decisions that could save you serious money.

Make Informed Choices

Know exactly what appliances are costing you the most, so you can fix them straight away and go back to never thinking about it again...

...Only this time, there will be no nasty surprises on your next power bill! It’s never been so easy to take the guesswork out and be in control of your power.

“Brilliant pre and after sales support for a product that is second to none."

- Martin T.

Australians Love Their Powerpal!

“I never thought it would pay for itself but I have now changed my mind"

- Graham D.

"Already working out ways to save on that power bill, next bill approx. $250 cheaper!"

- Ashley F. 

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